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Criostoir Briartach's 1st post, La Boheme: The Movie Act3

Hi to everyone. Here are some last minute additions that I made literally right now on April 21st.. I couldn't find a Youtube that had all of Act3. But there are a few videos that show most of Act3. So I've added the video links at where it starts..which is Mimi approaching the gatehouse (you'll see how it fits in). I hope that you like this LaBoheme:TM Act3 typed subtitles.

Update June 3, 2011:
(I'm sorry that the YouTube links don't work anymore. The videos have been removed because of complaints about the person that was posting them. I'll try to find some more, as I think other people will try to post them again. Because LaBoheme:TM is just too beautiful to be kept down. Please check back often to see what I can find. Go ahead and read the typed subtitles that are here for you!)

Here is a gift of Paris in the Winter,
that holds a promise of Paris in the Springtime...

La Bohème.

Opera in Four Acts
Music by Giacomo Puccini
Libretto by
Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica

"I put all my soul into Bohème, and I love it boundlessly.
I love its creatures more than I can say." ... Giacomo Puccini

"La Bohème is the opera I love most.  It's probably the first opera
I listened to in its entirety when I was a child.  It's a very real
and contemporary story.  Rodolfo and Mimì are very much human -
they are not symbols or heroes - they are simple people:  they love,
they work and they fight.  Like most of us do.  Undoubtedly, Puccini's music
is 'la musica dei sentimenti', the music of feelings, passion and tears."
... Andrea Bocelli

And as said in Act2 of La Boheme,"Only love my friend, creates real poetry."

La Boheme:The Movie (2008)


Rolando Villazon as Rodolfo

Anna Netrebko as Mimi

directed by Academy Award nominee Robert Dornhelm

The great typed subtitles of La Boheme: The Movie
(please note it may be that more words are sung in this version of
La Boheme, but the subtitles seem to show only these words. Maybe
making it easier for a broader audience to enjoy the opera just as a movie).

La Boheme:TM Act 3.
The music begins with a start and then backs off to a quiet little flute, piping a little slight tune that is very much like

a military tune.

It is winter and it is in the depths of cold, it is near the French border (apparently according to the opera, at the border

between France and Belgium).

The ground is snow covered & the sky is still dark.A small street lamp gives off a little light thats enough for us to see

the details of the building in the scene. But the dawns early light does come very slowly as the act continues.  Soldiers

stand waiting for something that we can't quite see. Two soldiers stand across from one another at the closed and locked

gates, as they are the true gate guard. The others are walking around talking to one another and still waiting for something

that we can't quite see at this time. All the military men seem to be very cold but they stand waiting.

Then something comes into view on the other side of the closed gates. A group of men are walking on the pathway towards the

gate and the border town.(the music switches to a pretty little harp playing a memory of the last act) They all reach the

gates and stand there, and they also start to wait impatiently. The guards act like the men aren't even there.
The men stand there cold,holding something in their hands and waiting, but now they say forcefully...


Guards! Open Up!!

The guards there do nothing, even acting like the men aren't or saying anything...the men speak again...


Guards! Open Up!!
We're the street sweepers.
We're freezing out here!

Still the guards do nothing, they are waiting for something...


Guards! open Up!!

...and then we see what they are waiting for. The door opens and out comes what appears to be the
captain of this guard command (maybe he has just finished with breakfast as he appears to be finishing eating something).

The captain or leader moves toward the gates putting on his hat at the same time...

leader of the guard:

I'm coming!

This leader opens the gate, then another guard then helps open the other gate and prepares to let
the street sweepers into the town.

Our view then changes to a small tavern that has lights happily blazing within. A choir of women's voices
start to sing, with the harp playing for them the same melody. In a moment, we'll know where we've heard that melody before.

The view then moves inside, and we see a couple women milling around some tables, preparing for the days activities.

Outside of the street sweepers walk slowly through the gates. The guards look somewhat at them and let them pass. past the

tavern, readying to sweep the great amount of snow that has fallen there...

Then we move back inside in a flash, and who to our wandering eyes should appear, Musetta! She has come into the main room

and an unnamed man moving closer to her as she sings...


If you delight in drink.
Every kiss feels like love.

The other men in the room break out into a response to Musetta's tune, and sing a full voiced agreeable part.
The men and then the other women in the room, they all laugh and smile.

Now back outside, we hear different higher pitched female voices, we see women moving towards the gate. The captain
of the guard notices them and prepares...

Captain Leader of the guard:

Here come the countrywomen.

There are both men and women saying something that is not shown on the subtitles,as the women and a few men move towards the

gates. The music goes back to this little flute playing a kind of military tune that respresents the gate guards.
The men enter carrying things like their catch of furry creatures of the day (sorry Lynn but that's what's on the screen).
The women then follow, and then are carrying things that are from the farm. They say Good Morning in Italian. And they

continue to walk through the gates. The Guard looks at them carefully, to see if they may smuggle something into the town.

Two of the countrywomen carrying a basket sing:

Butter and cheese.

Then two others sing what they carry too:

Chicken and eggs.

And they are all allowed to enter.

The women continue into the town, and they sing to one another in a nice light chatter.


Where are you going? To Saint Michel.

Are we going to meet up later? At Noon.

The countrywomen move on into the town, and the gate guards continue to check some that enter, for contraband. Non is found
and everyone continues to enter the town gates.

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A gentleman walking with a cane, walks down the path,with a steady stride and is greeted as known by the guards; and continues his way into the inner town. The violins play around with the theme a little bit......

The music continues to play with Musetta's song, but soon everything changes, to Mimi's theme..

We almost don't recognize her, but Mimi comes walking slowly up the path, stopping every other moment to rest. Her clothes
are all black including her bonnet that she wears.She holds onto the tree to help her gather her strength to make it one last
little steps to the gate. Her theme falls when she leans hard against the pillars of the gates. She asks one of the guards a


Can you tell me in which tavern a painter works?

One of the guards answers her and points towards the closest tavern:

Over there.

Mimi says 'Thank You' in Italian.

She slowly moves through the gates, and as Mimi sees a young girl, she moves towards her.
Mimi sings...


Would you do me a favor?
Please get me the painter Marcello.

Mimi tries to touch the girl to convince her but the girl shys away, afraid of why Mimi looks so bad.
(the music for Mimi is very downtrodden and very saddened)
Mimi continues...


Tell him Mimi is waiting.

The little girl leaves to go and deliver Mimi's message. Mimi holds her hand over her mouth to keep from coughing.
The flute continues to play the little military tune, but then changes as the final visitors move through the gates
and the guards let the last of them pass through (a woman with a egg basket) and leave the scene.

Leader captain guard:


The guards now close the gates, but leave them slightly open for others who may pass through.
And they too leave the scene,all of them returning to the guards house, clearing the little street to what is to come next...
The music changes and we hear bells ringing and the theme we heard earlier for Marcello (not necessarily only Marcello
but it is used here for him).

Marcello opens the door of the tavern, looks out, and sings out loud into the little street. Mimi is the only one there.



Mimi looks at Marcello across from the little street and sings.


I found you.


We've been here for a month.

Marcello stands next to the tavern wall and looks towards Mimi.

Marcello (turning towards the tavern and the theme changes for a moment to Musetta's theme):

Musetta teaches singing.


I paint soldiers on facades.

Mimi looks apprehensive like she doesn't want to ask Marcello something.She also appears very cold.
Marcello looks at Mimi as if to coax her to come into the tavern to get warm.He starts to go toward the tavern steps
for her to follow him in.


Do come. It's cold.


Is Rodolfo here?




Then I can't come along.



Mimi comes quickly towards Marcello, just about falling down, and Marcello 'catches' her just as she falls from lack of
strength. She sings as she rushes towards him...sings a high pitch almost screaming pain of a song...


Help me Marcello.


What happened?

Both Mimi and Marcello are kneeling on the snow covered ground, and she sings almost in an out of control way...


Rodolfo loves me...

Mimi rolls around in and out of Marcello's grasp and almost falls but weaves back and forth until her song reaches a grieving
kind of singing, that almost tears you apart as you listen to it...


...but he's sick with jealousy.


He distrusts me. Then he becomes furious.

Mimi is almost beside herself and she shakes her head as she holds herself from falling completely on the snow...
she continues, and looks at Marcello to drive the point home of how jealous she thinks Rodolfo is towards her.


At night I feel how he stares at me
in order to see into my dreams.

Mimi again holds herself up as she sings deeper more cruel things she says Rodolfo has done...


He prompts me to leave him.
I ought to look for another lover.

Mimi then screams out her singing and Marcello touches her shoulder to show her he cares...


I know he speaks in rage.

Marcello holds Mimi to help her deal with her emotional pain...she continues...


But what should I answer?

Marcello helps Mimi off the ground, and still holds her to help her deal with the emotions she has...


This is no way to live together.

Mimi breaks away from Marcello's grasp and moves away towards the wall and a residential gate within the town walls.
Her voice goes back into the screaming song of her emotions (Marcello comes near her)as she falls into Marcello's arms again.


I know we have to separate.


Help us, we tried everything.

Marcello and Mimi join together and sing a kind of (her) screaming and Marcelo singing somewhat calmly...


Musetta and I take love easy.


Laughing and singing, that is love for us.

Mimi begins to calm down and becomes more like Marcello...


We have to break up. It's for the better.

Marcello agrees with her and still holding her at arms length, lets her stand by herself again.


All right! I'll wake him.

Marcello moves away from Mimi, to go and wake up Rodolfo. But waits for a moment and answers her question.
She seems so surprised he's asleep, and she feels a momentary thing like ,"AAAWWW he's still asleep. Oh don't wake him up".


Is he asleep?


He arrived early and immediately fell asleep.

But then a look comes over Mimi, like she is having trouble breathing, and a coughing spell comes over her suddenly.


What a cough.

Marcello holds onto Mimi to help her make her way to the tavern porch.


I feel wretched.
Last night he said it was over.

Mimi leans up against the tavern wall, and tries to rest...


I've been looking for him since this morning.

Marcello looks at Mimi and then walks over to the little flat where Rodolfo is sleeping.
Marcello looks in the window and sees Rodolfo waking up.


He's waking up.

Mimi walks quickly away from the tavern and stands close to the town gates, and Marcello comes over to her...


He shouldn't see me.

Marcello takes Mimi and holds her at arms length and seems to be turning her towards the town gate to go home...


Go home, Mimi.
Don't make a scene.

Marcello walks Mimi towards the town gates and sees her start to head back to Paris, as he goes to see about Rodolfo.
BUT Mimi stops and looks around and decides to not go home to Paris. But instead, she will hide herself here and listen to what Rodolfo says about her.

Mimi begins to carefully move back away from the gates looking at where Marcello has gone to fetch Rodolfo.

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Marcello goes to the door to meet Rodolfo as he awakes. Rodolfo is awake totally now, and speaks to Marcello as he approaches:


Finally we are undisturbed.

I will leave Mimi.


Are you that thoughtless?

Rodolfo goes out the door Followed by Marcello) and makes his way to the little empty square, thinking they are alone...but

they are not alone, Mimi has stayed there to hear...

Mimi looks and then hurries the best she can, to a spot next to heavy stone wall to hide herself. And yet she wants to be

close enough to hear exactly what Rodolfo will say about her.

Rodolfo comes into the empty street and starts to almost rant and rave, like he's trying to convince not just Marcello, but

convince himself too.


My heart was dead before
until her eyes brought it back to life.


But now I have enough of her.

Marcello looks at Rodolfo, like he is mocking him a bit. As who else can Rodoflo find that makes him feel so much, as Mimi

does makes him feel.


You want to bury your heart again?

Rodolfo swings his hand as a 'we're through', and tries to walk away from Marcello by moving towards the gates and then turns

back to confront Marcello.



Marcello is not scared of Rodolfo's rants and begins to tell him how love should be...


You talk about love like a fool.
There is no love without cheerfulness.

Marcello pushes Rodolfo a little bit with a manly shove...

Now Marcello starts to break down the walls that are keeping back what Rodolfo is really feeling about Mimi.
And it is about to go in a direction no one would expect...


Your jealous.

(Rodolfo answers in Italian but no subtitles, 'A little')

Marcello moves away from Rodolfo towards the wall, and spouts off of everything Rodolfo has been acting like. Rodolfo looks

back at him.



Rodolfo turning prepares to refute them but Marcello pushes Rodolfo like to make him fight with him...

Mimi is hiding in the shadows and is watching everything transpire...


He is making him angry.

Now Rodolfo tries to refute these claims made by Marcello, in a way that might convince others. but not Marcello.
(there is something going on here but you will see it unfold in a moment)


Mimi can't help it.
Some Count smiles at her,
and she encourages him immediately.

Marcello doesn't believe him, and thinks there is more than what he is saying...Marcello sits down on a curb in front of
the guardhouse. Here it comes Lynn...this is what we knew was coming but now it comes out with such flood of emotions, do

keep a check on your tears. Rodolfo is not really 'only' jealous...he is more afraid for Mimi. Keep watching what he sings...


That doesn't sound sincere.

Rodolfo stops and turns away from Marcelo but basically gives in, and admits he is afraid for Mimi...


You're right.
I'm not sincere.

Rodolfo turns toward Marcello and pours out his whole heart about Mimi...and her condition...


There is something else I agonize over.

Just as Rodolfo sings this next part, the camera shows Mimi's position as she hears him sing it, and she is so happy
to hear him say it without him knowing she listens to him clandestinely, as he pours out his heart about her...


I love Mimi more than anything.

Rodolfo almost screams his love for Mimi but you can see pain in his face and hear fear in his voice...


I love her, but I'm afraid.

Now the camera moves into where Mimi is. It shows her in the worst possible light that it can...including the fact that the makeup artists make Mimi look almost dead, walking dead. With dark circles under her eyes She appears to have no life in her.
(the stage lighting may also make her look very more dead than alive)

As Rodolfo starts to say the next part, Mimi barely can focus on his words...but something wakes her mind to what he says.


Mimi is fatally ill.
Every day it is getting worse.
The poor woman is lost.

As Rodolfo sings this, he sits down next to Marcello on the curb and now begins to describe her calamity.
But Mimi all of sudden has come fully awake and now in this shot she looks more like the old pretty Mimi we saw earlier.
(they may have changed the lighting of her face, since the last clip, to make her look more alive right now)


What is he saying?

Mimi now decides to get as close as she can, to hear what pronouncement Rodolfo is making to Marcello.
She slowly staggers towards Rodolfo's voice, and then settles just on the other side of the wall of the tavern.
Neither Rodolfo nor Marcelo can see her from that angle...she listens to him go on...


A terrible cough that makes her body convulse.
Fever makes her cheeks glow.

Mimi barely steadies herself against the tavern wall with a look of despair.

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Do I have to die?

Rodolfo continues explaining it to a saddened Marcello as the music becomes so downtrodden but still is beautiful...


It's been a long time
that a fire has been lit in my sunless room.

Rodolfo springs up from his spot on the curb, turns towards Marcello and sings very sadly...


I can't bear her laughter
because I'm to blame for her misfortune.

Marcelo stands up and goes over to Rodolfo trying to comfort him and offering him support...


How can we help?

Mimi hiding on the other side of the wall, finally understands her condition and laments over her plight..and sings...


Oh my dear life!

Now with Mimi and Rodolfo on either side of this little outedge of the tavern wall, they sing at the same time with
a shared tune...Mimi sings like she is crying for her fate...


Mimi is a delicate being.


Is it all over?


Poverty was too much for her.

Rodolfo now turns back to Marcello, and then goes over to him to finish his pronouncement.


Love can't change that.

(the music lightens just a bit...)
Marcello pats Rodolfo on the back, and Rodolfo almost seems to cry...but as Mimi ends her lament for her fate...then she

begin to cough very hard. And by doing that her 'cover is blown' and she is revealed to Rodolfo from her hiding spot so close

to him. Rodolfo hears her and then runs to her in amazement that she was here all along and has heard everything he has

spoken to Marcello...as he sings to her, he tries to hold her to find a way to comfort her, but she will not have it...


What are you doing here?

Marcello sees that she didn't leave for Paris and rushes over to them both and knows that she knows everything.


She heard everything.

Rodolfo tries frantically to tell her that he was just talking and she is alright...but she won't believe and struggles for a

few moments with him...


I just worry. Come inside where it's warm.

Mimi and Rodolfo continue to struggle for another moment while Marcello looks on in worry...


I can't breathe in there.

Mimi breaks free and runs towards the town gates, leaving her bonnet fallen off her head and in the snow
(it's a very meaningful point here, as without the black bonnet, Mimi looks like the Mimi we knew earlier in the opera)

Mimi pushes with all her might the gates and moves them a bit but then stops and waits for Rodolfo to follow her...

Just then Marcello hears Musetta laughing like she entertaining some man in the tavern. Marcello turns into a kind of rage, 

and decides he needs to see what his woman is doing in there.


With whom is Musetta laughing again?

Marcello leaves Rodolfo and Mimi at the gate to talk to each other, and rushes into the tavern to confront Musetta...

(again I ask you to excuse me for the language. But this is what is said in the subtitles,and it means something in the story. I know the world doesn't care and thinks that any kind of words can be spoken/written to a lady, but I don't believeit. And I don't think a man should speak words of low class to a lady, especially to a lady that he likes so much, as I do like you! There's another point about what makes me very unique in this world,some use bad language at the 'drop of a hat'.
I try to keep my language under control when I can...
So we now continue with the typed subtitles

Marcello enters the main room of the tavern and finds Musetta 'dancing' with another unknown man.Marcello enters and
stands in front of her as if to make her explain herself to him:


I'll let that slut have it.

Meanwhile outside at the town's gates...
Mimi stands holding the gate, the view shows, in a way, that it appears like she is actually behind an iron fence.
The camera is very close in and we now see the details of her face, head and hair, now that her bonnet is not on her head.

She appears very lovely and still shows she's so very much in love with Rodolfo...



Rodolfo stands next to her, with a questioning stare...


Are you going?

Rodolfo tries to touch her and she winces, and we see her body kind of pull away to make him stop. She will sing to him
to sing of her love for him...


It's for your love that I stopped feeling lonely...

Mimi turns her face toward Rodolfo to make him understand that she loves him, but it just won't work out.
Mimi then turns her whole body around and leans against the iron gate (facing Rodolfo), and then begins to repeat the same
thought. But it turns into almost her saying to Rodolfo, that she has to convince him but also try to convince herself too.
Convince them both, that they need to part from one another...or do they need to? We'll see...


Now I'll return home...

Mimi reaches her left hand toward Rodolfo, and touches his chest near his heart. Then Rodolfo touches
his right hand to enfold her hand, as Mimi starts to walk past Rodolfo. Making you think she is about to leave down the path
that takes her back to Paris. But wait, these two are 'soul-mates', so she can't make herself leave...


...and continue to embroider my flowers.

the little flute plays Mimi's theme a quick bit of it, as Mimi stops and almost whispers in Rodfolfo's ear,
with her hand still touching his chest and now arm. She looks down and sings a 'farewell'...


Farewell and don't be resentful.

But remember now Lynn, Mimi can't leave Rodolfo, she hopes by saying this and that to him, something will happen
that will keep them together...so now Mimi thinks of something, she talks about dividing up their earthly treasures.
And she asks him to pack her things that she needs to have with her, to be away from him...

(Mimi's body language is positioning, is such that she continues to have contact with Rodolfo,as she talks about
her things and his things. She's slightly turned, and is able to look back to him, but does not,yet, turn back towards him.
She turns back towards Rodolfo, and gets quite close to him.


Just one favor-

take my clothing...

...the golden ring...

...and my book of prayers.

But then she does something very surprising, she slowly and quietly moves directly behind Rodolfo. And without
touching him, she seems to trace his back with her finger but she does not touch him.
In a moment, she looking at Rodolfo, thinks that maybe she has hurt him so bad, that he won't look back at her.


Give everything to the concierge.

And so she turns away from him, and starts to walk back down the path towards Paris. (Rodolfo nods an agreement about what to do with her things but doesn't look at her).

But Mimi doesn't get too far, when she thinks about something that she forgot, that she should talk to him some more.
But this thing is so important to both of them, that this may be the thing that gets Rodolfo to respond to her now...

(she's looking for something in her mind that will get Rodolfo to respond to her, as she is shy and reserved, and wants him

to tell her his feelings for her and ask her to stay. Even though it wouldn't be good for her health.
Actually maybe she really is hoping that he will tell her about all the good things they have shared together, as that might

just do it, but first, she 'buys time' with 'the bonnet under the pillow'.
BUT even so, something has to happen,
or she really will leave him. She hopes beyond hope something will happen soon to change that inevitability...

Mimi (she sings in a kind of like she forgot something way of voice, a giggling vibrato,that she has used before):


The bonnet is under my pillow...

Mimi turns back towards Rodolfo, and then as she reaches the part 'Keep it as a memento', she's throws her arms down
like she is saying, 'she gives up, and is going to let him hold her'. As she steps back towards Rodolfo as she sings,
Rodolfo turns  his head directly at her, and they are face to face again...now Mimi sings as she touches his arm.
But then she turns away from him partly, but Rodolfo still stays pointed directly at her. And then as her voice
aligns and she gets ready to sing the big high notes, Rodolfo is now right at her back and touches her shoulder.
And in words, 'momento', she remembers all the good times with Rodolfo loving her, and in that she turns directly
into his embrace (WOW Lynn, this is so beautiful, I just now found the Youtube links for this, on early April 21st, so now you can really enjoy it)...


Keep it as a memento, if you want to.

BUT, when Mimi is finished with 'momento', and Rodolfo is trying to kiss her, so as to stir her memory, she stops,looks at

him, and then sings' farewell', and by doing this she breaks the embrace, and kind of makes a 'no' shake of her head,
as Rodolfo tries to hold onto her, but he loves her, and when she acts like 'no', he releases her, as she also detaches
from his embrace. (Lynn this is so sad, that you just want to cry, as if you've don't know the opera, you think that its
over with. but it's not over with Lynn, hang in there you sweet woman, it ends so nice that it will be worth the read...)



Farewell and don't be resentful.

Mimi acts as if she is going to walk away back towards Paris, but she stops and doesn't move, hoping he will sing to her to
keep her there.(this is what she was waiting for, he will sing to her and tell her how he feels about their life together)

(Lynn could it be, you sweet woman, that my singing you that AirSupply love song in the Valentine 2011 MySpace email, that maybe you have hoped that
I would let you know about it, so that you can listen to me sing to you. I think I'll say more to you somewhere else Lynn.
I don't want to break the mood, it is so lovely what it about to happen between Mimi and Rodolfo.
Lynn, I want you to feel their love completely...


Is this how it must end?
You're leaving me, child?

Rodolfo grabs ahold of the gate to keep himself from falling down and sings to Mimi...
And are taking your love along.

(orchestra accompaniment sets the mood with woodwind, and strings)

Mimi sings with her back turned away from Rodolfo but she still stays not far from his spot.


Farewell to waking up with each other.

Rodolfo keeps holding onto the gate and sings back to Mimi but still he is also turned away from her


farewell to a life full of dreams.

...to rage and jealousy


...your taking it all away with a smile.








...are all part of love, for a poet...



Rodolfo joins in


Rodolfo and Mimi:

During winter death is lonely...

Mimi turns her head to the side and sings it back toward Rodolfo so he can hear her:


Rodolfo and Mimi:

During Spring the sun looks on.

Mimi starts to slowly move away, thinking they are finished, repeating the last line of what they just sang...

Just then Marcello and Musetta come out of the tavern and are arguing. The music 'hops' a little bit &
the orchestra repeats a piece of the theme that was just sung.


What was that?




With that man at the fireplace?

At that very moment,the music sweeps up quick in volume;
Mimi and Rodolfo look toward each other and they can't
contain themselves, looking at each other longingly! Turning towards Rodolfo, Mimi hurries to his arms.
He 'catches' her and they embrace, and at that moment they know they can't leave each other, even if
by Mimi staying with Rodolfo in poverty, she may forfeit having a longer life. She has to be with him, he has done
everything to win her heart, and she will never act like she will 'leave' him again. Even if they decide later
to part when the Spring comes, they will always be in each others hearts forever...


Nobody is lonely in April.

Marcello and Musetta continue to argue in the courtyard


You turned pale as I entered.

Musetta walks out to where Marcello is, and gives him a reason for her doing things with this unnamed man.
She grabs Marcello by his body and acts like she want to sensuously dance with him.


He wanted to know if I wanted to dance.

Marcello pushes her away and curses her out (sorry again about this Lynn, but this is what is said on the screen)


Conceited slut

All this time, the camera shots are flipping back and forth between Marcelo and Musetta,
and between Mimi and Rodolfo who are 'making up' over by the town's gates.
The music accommodates both couples in both waves of different emotions that are being seen here...


One speaks through lilies and roses.


The birds are singing for us.

Marcello and Musetta continue to intensely argue.

Marcello seems to continue to try to put Musetta under his control...he says something that isn't subtitled.

Musetta responds;


I want my freedom.


If I get my hands on you again!

(sorry again Lynn about this threats of violence by Marcello but it is on the screen and it does come together
into something interesting just a few moments later.(especially after you see the Youtube video link I've included here)

Musetta starts to go back into the tavern and Marcello follows her and grabbing her head,he acts like he will crush her skull
but she isn't worried about it and laughs it off with a surprising 'comeback',


But we're not married.

Musetta breaks free from his grasp.
Marcello stands on the porch of the tavern as Musetta walks out to the center of the street and then stands actring like
a crowing bird, even looking over at where Mimi and Rodolfo are, to show she's free to do what she wants...

Marcello protest her actions...


Your not going to make a fool of me!


I hate lovers
who act like husbands.

Back to Mimi and Rodolfo over by the gates;

Rodolfo and Mimi:

A gentle breeze eases our pain.

Marcello walks from the tavern porch and comes right up to Musetta.


Your making a fool of me.

The orchestra sets a point including the rumble of the timpani, as the whole situation gets more volumetric
and will now reach a musical climax of the entire Act 3...

Musetta is really angry now...as she increases her volume and goes up the scale as her emotions get higher...


I love whoever I want!


If you don't like it, I will leave you!


Then go!.

All this time, Marcello and Musetta are getting closer and closer to one another until they are within
a foot away with just a little space between them, and we can see Mimi and Rodolfo in the background...

Now the camera lines up with Marcello and Musetta then to align just right with Mimi and Rodolfo, so the effect of
'close to far away', creates an illusion of Mimi and Rodolfo directly in between Marcello and Musetta.
Quite a stroke of genius in cinematography and directing the entire sequence...

A complex thing were Marcello and Musetta AND Rodolfo and Mimi sing, that is choir-like
and brings them to a very high note (Rodolfo and Mimi are singing what they just sang a moment ago)

(In the opera, this is sung by them all together,"Shall we wait until the Spring?")

In the subtitles of the movie, they sing...

All except baritone Marcello on the high notes:

With pleasure!

(everyone except baritone Marcello goes high, but he sings again when the group comes down from the sky high of notes...)

Marcello quickly leaves to go back to the tavern, and Musetta follows but speaks out to him, calling him unflattering names:


Pavement artist!

Marcello turns out and says unflattering things back to her and so they do this until...







And with that last word from Marcelo, he comes towards Musetta,as to harm her,and she runs away off stage.Marcello then looks
to see that Mimi and Rodolfo have made up and are still at the town gates, before Marcello goes into the tavern.

As the situation with Marcello and Musetta breaks up;all that's left is Rodolfo and Mimi
pledging their love to one another;


I'm yours for life.

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We'll part...


When the flowers are in bloom.

Rodolfo answers in the affirmative.


Winter should last forever.

Rodolfo and Mimi both sing very high and then they both come back down to a calm ending of the scene. The camera goes up and looks over the gate, showing Rodolfo stretching his arms out in almost triumph of the love he shares with Mimi. Mimi then comes close to him and he then holds her close to himself):

Rodolfo and Mimi:
We'll part when the flowers are in bloom.

They both continue to embrace each other and they both smile at being so happy that
they can stay with each other until the Spring.
And then holding each other like they never will let go, Rodolfo and Mimi slowly
walk, in the snow, back towards Paris. And the scene ends with it slowly going 'white out',
The music slowly and quietly finishes with a Harp for the lovers.
At the last second before the screen whites out completely, she looks at him and he looks at her.
Nothing else matters, they are together again, and in their hearts...forevermore...

End of Act3
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